March for Life - Berlin

The annual March for Life in Berlin will take place on September 21st, 2019. The march will start with public addresses at the Reichstag, followed by a silent march through the streets of Berlin, ending around 17:30 h with an ecumenical worship service.

The March is organized by the Bundesverband Lebensrecht e.V. with the aim of promoting a culture of life in all its facets, including more protections for the unborn, the elderly, the disabled, the terminally ill. The organization sees human life as having inherent dignity and worth from the moment of conception until natural death. It therefore stands against abortion and euthanasia, and supports better information on the affects of abortions on women, while also demanding better palliative care for the terminally ill and better support for persons with disabilities. The organization is also critical of abuses of prenatal diagnostic blood tests used to select for a desirable child, especially since current statistics suggest that 8 of 10 foetuses with Down Syndrome are aborted. 

No registration is necessary in order to participate in this event. The German-language flyer is attached.

For anyone interested in the pre-March Conference "Culture of Life? Ideal and Reality", this will take place on September 20th, 14:30-18:30 h.  Registration for this  Conference is possible here: