Holy Masses will continue to be celebrated under certain restrictions to ensure that hygiene requirements are observed, which will impact the maximum number of congregants to be admitted.

The English-speaking Mission will be offering one Sunday Mass at All Saints, two Sunday Masses at St. Bernard's and two Sunday Masses at St. Elisabeth's. Members of the All Saints and St. Elisabeth's communities are encouraged to contact their community's lay leadership for information on how to sign up.

The maximum number of congregants permitted at St. Bernard's Church is 55! Anyone who wishes to attend Holy Mass at St. Bernard's must sign up using the links in the section above.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop's dispensation concerning Catholics' obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to hold for the time being.Because of the restrictions placed on the number of participants for liturgies, it is unlikely that everyone will be able to attend Mass every Sunday, and so prayer at home continues to be encouraged.

Prayer at Home:

The following are a few free prayer resources you may wish to explore while public worship and group devotions and prayers are put on hold during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Magnificat Free Daily Devotional for May

A free children's "Magnifikid" issue is available for download here.

The daily scripture readings can be found HERE.

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