A team of Volunteers has been mobilised to provide assistance where possible to the Community. The main assistance will be to help the elderly and vulnerable members of our community if they need assistance with getting groceries. If there is something else you need help with or if you simply need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

Volunteer contact details:

Sebastian: 01787211083
Father Sylvester 017624265246
Deacon Dirk 01635525130
Chiedza 017632330417
Dominic 01632157127
Patrick 017636119925

Corona: Important information for workers

from the Berliner Beratungszentrum fur Migration und Gute Arbeit (BEMA)

Information is available in German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Romania, Bulgarian




Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on immigration-related issues, please see below a translation from a communication sent out by the Ausländerbehörde in Berlin (dated 13 March 2020):

Dear Madam or Sir

Due to the pandemic spread of the disease COVID-19 caused by the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 ("Corona virus"), the service of the State Office for Immigration (LEA) is considerably restricted until further notice. From Monday, 16.3.2020, the issuing of residence permit documents for affected persons without an appointment is unfortunately not possible at all locations until further notice. Foreign persons who nevertheless appear without an appointment will not be served conclusively, but will be provided with an individualised sealed certificate according to the following model:

This certificate usually refers to a forgery-proof document that has been presented. In particular, we would ask the benefit authorities and the police to accept this certificate in conjunction with the forgery-proof document to which the certificate refers, as a rule, until orderly service is possible again. Please also forward this mail to other places within your mailing list.

As long as appearances without an appointment at the LEA are not possible, the following applies to foreign persons residing in Berlin:

Temporary documents concerning the right of residence in Germany are considered by us to be valid until the LEA is fully operational again and the service of persons without a waiting number is possible again. We will inform you in due course when this is the case.

This also applies to all ancillary provisions of these documents, especially with regard to the type and scope of permitted employment.

However, travel abroad and re-entry into the Federal Republic of Germany is only possible with a residence permit that is still valid.

Due to the dynamic spread of the corona virus, it is not yet possible to estimate when the LEA will be able to fully restore its operations. We ask our partners at the Beratungszentrum am Friedrich- Krause- Ufer for understanding for our decision and suggest that they also stop offering consulting services until further notice. Our trial procedure for offering interpreting services in Unit A 4 will also be postponed indefinitely.

Our partners in the Business Immigration Service I and II have been informed that the service at our location in the Ludwig Erhard House will not be affected for the time being. Here we only serve appointment customers.

We will keep you up to date and refer you to our homepage


Disclaimer: The ESM is providing this translation as a free service. While every effort was made to achieve a high degree of accuracy, please be advised that the German original (see PDF link below) remains the official and binding communication. The ESM cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy and content of the translation provided here.