Please join us for Holy Mass on Sunday, May 29th at  St. Bernard's. Two Masses (3G) will be offered, one at 11 am and another at 5 pm.

IMPORTANT note: In compliance with Archdiocesan guidelines, attending Mass requires compliance with 3G criteria. Congregants are asked to wear masks when attending Mass. School children who are regularly tested at school may present their school ID. Younger children are exempt.

Starting March 20th, no pre-registration is necessary. Limits on the maximum number of congregants have been lifted, but reasonable distancing is still advised.

Contact tracing has been discontinued due to the new guidelines published by the Archdiocese.

If you are unable to celebrate Holy Mass with us this coming week, please consider making your weekly donation directly to the ESM bank account:

Account name: Erzbistum Berlin Engl. Gem.

IBAN: DE55 3706 0193 6000 8430 22


Resources for a Liturgy of the Word at home:

Readings for May 29th

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