Holy Mass - Sunday, May 16th, 2021 - Seventh Sunday of Easter

Please join us for Holy Mass on Sunday, May 16th at St. Bernard's . Two Masses will be offered, one at 11 am and one at 5 pm.

IMPORTANT note: Berlin regulations now stipulate that parishioners need to wear either FFP2 masks OR medical masks when attending Mass. Home-made cloth masks are no longer permitted.

As seating is limited, please use the links below to sign up and follow the instructions. In addition, we need people willing to support our Hygiene Team at Mass in checking people in and helping ensure hygiene requirements are observed. Hygiene Team members should arrive at Mass half an hour early to help set up. You will find an option to sign up for this ministry in the same link below.

Sign up here for 11 am Holy Mass at St. Bernard's --  signup will be posted on Friday.

Sign up here for 5 pm Holy Mass at St. Bernard's --  signup will be posted on Friday.

PLEASE NOTE: if you arrive at church late, your pre-registration will expire and your seat will be given to another parishioner who is waiting! Police cars have been observed parked opposite our church - please assume that the police is monitoring our community's behaviour!

If you are unable to celebrate Holy Mass with us this coming week, please consider making your weekly donation directly to the ESM bank account:

Account name: Erzbistum Berlin Engl. Gem.

IBAN: DE55 3706 0193 6000 8430 22


Resources for a Liturgy of the Word at home:

Readings for May 16th

Restrictions on Public Masses

Holy Masses will continue to be celebrated under certain restrictions to ensure that hygiene requirements are observed, which will impact the maximum number of congregants to be admitted. Failure to comply with these regulations will lead to a suspension of Masses!

The English-speaking Mission will be offering one Sunday Mass at All Saints, two Sunday Masses at St. Bernard's and two Sunday Masses at St. Elisabeth's. Members of the All Saints their community's office to register for Mass.

The celebration of Mass in English at the Catholic Academy continues to be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Fr. Leo Penta is offering a livestream Mass at 16:30 h CET for community members to access: please contact Fr. Penta  at  penta@commorg.onmicrosoft.com to learn how to gain access.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop's dispensation concerning Catholics' obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to hold for the time being.Because of the restrictions placed on the number of participants for liturgies, it is unlikely that everyone will be able to attend Mass every Sunday, and so prayer at home is encouraged.

Ascension Thursday Mass

The ESM will be offering Holy Mass on Ascension Thursday (13 May) at 19:00 h at St. Bernard's.

Lectio Divina Mornings - 6 weeks of Praying with Scripture

Have you ever felt that something was missing from your prayer life?  Does it seem dry or fruitless?

Join us ONLINE over the next 6 weeks on Wednesday mornings, as we discover together how to deepen our prayer life through Lectio Divina. The focus of Lectio Divina is not a critical analysis of sacred text, but rather a more personal way of experiencing the Living Word through contemplation and reflection.

Dates: April 19th-May 24th (Mondays)

Time: 9:30 - 11:00 h

To register, please send an email to the contact below.


Monday Evening Lectio Divina Group - Diving into the Sunday Readings

During this pandemic, our prayer life — among other things — may have been disrupted. We’ve had to find different ways of praying without in-person community to support our faith life. The traditional monastic practice of Lectio Divina is a good way to help us deal with stress and provide a way to enter into sacred Scripture as a living Word for our time.


Monday Rosary

Please join us in praying the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Mondays at 8 pm (St. Bernard's Church)

Friday Mass followed by Eucharistic Adoration

Friday Mass will be celebrated and followed by Eucharistic Adoration at St. Bernard's on the third Friday of the month.

Eucharistic Adoration for Pentecost and Corpus Christi

On the Cross, Jesus said “I Thirst”. From the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus continues to say to each of us “I Thirst”. He thirsts for our personal love, our intimacy, our union with Him in the Blessed Sacrament.  ~ St. Teresa of Calcutta
So, come and spend time with Jesus during these hours of Eucharistic Adoration. He loves you and He waits for you.
Sunday May 23rd, 12:00-16:30h
Sunday June 6th, 12:00-16:30h

To sign up as a committed adorer for a timeslot, please contact the email below.


Eucharistic Adoration at St. Bernard's

Please join us for Eucharistic Adoration on every first Monday of the month! Prayers begin at 8 pm!


Holy Mass in English - Sts. Peter and Paul, Potsdam

Join Fr. Sylvester Ajunwa for Holy Mass at 18:00 h in the church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Potsdam on the 2nd Sunday of every month!

Please be aware that registration for this Mass is required due to hygiene restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Registration is online via this link. Select your preferred date and time and then book your "tickets" for Holy Mass.