Stations of the Cross

Join us for Stations of the Cross during Fridays in Lent in St. Bernard's Church!

Time: 7 pm

Christian Literature Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Christian Literature Club will take place on Saturday, 22 March, at 19:00.  The group, led by Fr. Lenfers, will consider contemporary theology - the meaning and function of the Christian faith in our contemporary culture, in the context of modern science, modern scholarship, modern philosophy, of historicity and the prevailing sociological realities.

For further details about the location please contact Gershom at the email below.

St. Bernard's - Preparation for First Holy Communion

Classes continue in the parish center next to St. Bernard's church.  The program at St. Bernard's includes a parallel parent formation program. The schedule of classes is found under the link at the right.

Stations of the Cross at St. Elisabeth's

Join us for Stations of the Cross at St. Elisabeth's at 12 noon before Sunday Mass.

ESM Lenten Retreat

The English-speaking Mission is offering a Lenten Retreat from March 29th-31st at the Benedictine Convent in Alexanderdorf. The retreat master will be Fr. Dietmar Lenfers, M.Afr.

Please contact the Mission Office for more information and to register with the coordinator.