The Confirmation preparation program is underway - Duet to the Covid-19 pandemic, Confirmation has been postponed to the Fall.

The Confirmation program is a 2-year program. New candidates  should enroll in the program beginning in the Fall of 2020 (leading to Confirmation in 2022).

The first segment of the classes focusses on building Bible literacy with the T3 Teen Timeline program. The format and content of the subsequent program units will differ slightly, based on the individual tutor's preferences.

Each community in the ESM is responsible for organizing their own small groups. Four additional large-group sessions will be held with Fr. Sylvester Ajunwa and guest speakers at St. Bernard's.

The large-group sessions (16:30-18:30) for the 2010/2020 schoolyear are scheduled as follows

  • Theology of the Body/ Human Sexuality  -  27 October 2019 with presenter Jenny Peterson & Father Sylvester
  • The Church -  17 November 2019 with Father Sylvester
  • CANCELLED - The Holy Spirit & Life in the Spirit – 1 March 2020 with Father Sylvester
  • CANCELLED - The Sacrament of Confirmation – 29 March 2020 with Father Sylvester


To register, please use the religious education form.


Classes at St. Bernard's

Curriculum at St. Bernard's:

  • Begins with Teen T3 Bible Timeline series to build Bible literacy
  • Continues by introducing candidates to the intellectual heritage of the Church by exploring six great ideas Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Freedom, Equality. The students are encouraged to wrestle with the question of the relationship between faith and reason.
  • Draws on the writings of Aristotle, Plato, Augustine, Plotinus, Thomas Aquinas, Vatican II and others to expose the candidates to the philosophical and theological framework of Catholic doctrine. Candidates will build a portfolio of reading material from the Physics, Metaphysics, Timaeus, Nicomachaen Ethics, Summa Theol., Contra Gentiles, Rerum novarum, Gaudium et Spes, etc.
  • Uses literature (especially Dante's Divine Comedy) and the fine arts to link the theory of the great ideas to their expressions in Catholic culture.
  • Decision Point student workbook supports the students' reflections on key topics at home.
  • Fr. Augustine Wetta's "Humility Rules" introduces the students to the Rule of St. Benedict.
  • Service opportunities encourage candidates to live their faith in the world.
  • Classes take place both at St. Bernard's and in candidates' homes.