Decision Point

Our fourth Decision Point session was entitled "The Prayer Process" This session focused on the importance of prayer for the Christian life.

Please remember that attendance at these sessions is mandatory for all Confirmation candidates. If a candidate misses a class, they will be expected to make up the material by viewing the videos online and working through the reflection/discussion questions in their book.

Session 4 Homework for absentees:

- View the Decision point Session 4 videos here:

- Work through the discussion questions in the candidate book after each video.

Session 4 Homework for EVERYONE:

- Discussion Questions on p. 96

- Read pp. 98-99 "4.4 The Best Way to learn", then use the video for this section to coach you through the 7-step prayer process. The video can be located and streamed here:

- Use the worksheet handed out at class on the 5 forms of prayer and look up the scripture passages listed there, assigning the appropriate form of prayer to each scripture passage.

NOTE:  Absentees - to download the worksheet click on the following link and look for the PDF labeled "Forms of Prayer Worksheet":

Absentees this past session will be quizzed on content next session.